The Depot's History

With Carrollton's busy intersections and a population of over 121,000, it might be hard to believe our city was once mainly a quiet agricultural community. However, by the late 1800's, the landscape of Carrollton began to change and the city quickly emerged from an agricultural economy to a hub of bustling business and professional activity. The arrival of the Dallas-Wichita railroad in 1879 signaled the beginning of the change. By 1908, three railroads used Carrollton and its depot as a way station- the Cottonbelt and Katy provided passenger service , and the Frisco which provided only freight service at that time. The tracks intersected just north of what is now the Carrollton Town Square, and this unique intersection helped Carrollton develop into a sizable shipping center, especially for cattle. At this intersection stood the Carrollton Rail Depot. The current depot building, built in 1924, provided a place for waiting passengers, freight storage, and a means of delivering mail to the residents of the city on a daily basis. The Carrollton Depot Foundation strives to restore this important part of Carrollton's history so future generations can make use of the building and at the same time enjoy its past.